Products - Automatic Chemical Process Line

For Solar PV & Semiconductor Wafers


FAMPL Wet Process Lines are most suitable for all types of Batch Type Fully Auto with MMI for Wafer processing activity in Semi Conductor, MEMS & Solar PV wafer processing Industry.

The salient features of the line are as follows:-

  1.  PVDF/ TEFLON Tanks for all Critical Chemistry Baths.
  2.  Laminar flow hood suitable for clean room.
  3.  Ultrasonic unit for cleaning bath.
  4.  Virgin based Quartz, (Boron free) process vessel for photo resist stripping bath.
  5.  Number of process tanks as per customer requirement and process. Tanks can be easily added for expansion.
  6. SS316 Grade sink will be provided for general purpose cleaning.
  7.  Accessories like DI water spray gun and Nitrogen spray gun will be provided.
  8.  All the controls through PLC and MMI of Mitsubishi / Omron make.
  9.  All CE Certified electrical. & Control Gears.
  10.  Assured after sales and warranty support.
  11. Custom built lines to suit individual customer needs.       

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