Printed Circuit Boards

 + Automatic Chemical Process line
 + Chemical wet bench
 + Glass Cleaning Machine
 + Thin Film Line
 + Infrared Tunnel Oven
 + Auto Pre Heater
 + Micro Magnifiers, Lupes
 + Digital Metalographic Microscope
 + Pin Guage Sets
 + PTH Inspection Lupe (Prismatic)
 + DZ - Panel Turnover & Cooling
 + JY-60 Multi Functional Scanner
 + Optical Inspection Machine
 + UV Curing Machine
 + Screen Exposure
 + DWP-2007 Plasma Desmear Machine
 + Acid Etching and Ink-Stripping Machine
 + HC-06A CCl Classification Tester
 + PC-02 Short Circuit Remover (Breaker)
 + KC-100 A Plating Thickness Measurement of Plated thru hole and Resistance Tester
 + DZ-6080 Four Post Semi Auto Screen Printer
 + DZ-4060 Semi Auto Screen Printer
 + ZC-3000 HV Dedicated PCB Base Board Tester
 + TC-012 Universal PCB Test System (Low Voltage)
 + ZFL-1 Level Auto Feeder/ Loader
 + ZL- Auto Receiver / Unloader
 + LD-LB-1 Deburring / Scrubbing Machine
 + SDZ-Dual Axis Position Hole Drilling Machine
 + Pin Extracting Type TS
 + LD-1  Pre-treatment Line for Hot Air Levelling Machine
 + LD-2 Post cleaning Line for Hot Air Levelling Machine
 + YJ-1 Corner Rounding Machine
 + LX-111 Double Sided V grooving Machine
 + DZ-6575 A Screen Printing Machine
 + DZ-6575 B Semi Auto Screen printer Machine with Conveyor Load and Unload
 + DZ-6575C Semi Automatic Screen Printer
 + PVA Absorption Rollers, Rubber Rollers
 + Plain Nylon Spiral Brushes
 + Brushes for Special Application, Scrubbing and Deburring Brushes
 + Abrasive Nylon Bristle Brushes
 + XB-0810 A – Accurate Conductor Repairer Welder Machine
 + XB-0510A – Accurate Conductor Repairer Welder Machine
 + Inner/Outer Layer D.E.S Line
 + O.S.P Line
 + Horizontal Hot Air Solder Levelling Machine
 + Dry Film/Ink Developer
 + Surface Pre-treatment Machine
 + Sand Belt Scrubber Machine
 + Dry Film / Ink Stripper
 + Pre and Post Treatment Final Cleaner (after Routing/ Punch) High Pressure
 + Copper Powder Filter
    - Water Rinsing
 + Pumice Jet Scrubber
 + Hot Air Solder Levelling Machine
 + S.E.S. Line
 + Immersion Silver Line
 + East Space Light
 + SLEC-7168 Laser Plotter
 + ESL-606 Flying Probe Tester
 + SLEC-1200 Laser Plotter
 + SLEC-5000 Laser Plotter
 + TC-300 HV
 + Printing Solutions
 + Mesh Slection
 + Sefar PET 1500
 + Sefar Tenso Check 100
 + Sefar 2 Stretching System
 + Sefar3A The Uplifting different Stretching System
 + Pneumatic Control Units
 + ESL-608 Flying Probe Tester
 + WJ-GS Mechanical Stretcher
 + WJ-HG Screen Plate Drying Box
 + WJ-IR Series Drying Equipment for the Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-MSK Series Big Area Plane Screen Printing
 + WJ PS Series Oblique Arm Plane Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-PS Series Vertical Plane Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-PT Series Precision Circuit Screen Printing
 + WJ-UV Series Equipment for screen Printing
 + WJ-VS Screen Developing Vacuum Machine
 + WJ-DR Series Electronic Professional Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-DR Sery Non-Woven Profession Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-ET Series Photoelectric Display Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-IR- H Series Far IR Flash Movable Drying Unit
 + WJ-LCD Series Photoelectric Display Screen Printing Machines
 + WJ-MK46IT Window Glass Panel Fully Automatic Screen Printing Production Line
 + WJ-PS2030D Window Panel Professional Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-Pw Series Oval Type Multi-Work station Screen Printing
 + WJ-PW Series Rotary Multi Workstation Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-ST1616X3T Solar Energy Si - battery full Automatic Screen Printing
 + WJ-ST-1616C Solar Energy Si - Battery Semi - Automatic Screen Printing Machine
 + WJ-TB2215D Desk Structure Screen Printing Machine