Products - WJ-Pw Series Oval Type Multi-Work station Screen Printing

Shenzhen Screen - Star Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

This machine is used for textile printing

Model Printing Area Platform size Work Station
WJ-PW3040 300x400 650x550 6-14
WJ-PW4050 400x500 450x650 6-14
WJ-PW5060 500x600 550x750 6-14
WJ-PW8585 850x850 900x900 6-14
  1. Specialized design for the fabric , soft textile printing which require multi - workstation screen printing.
  2. Various specification : 300 x 400, 400 x 500, 850 x 850, etc.
  3. Mechanical quick reiteration. Precision with in +/- 0.05mm.
  4. Full automatic min. Production cycle 6second.
  5. The workstations and dryer can be designed as per the requirements.
  6. This machine has international quality for consistent result.

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