Products - WJ-DR Series Electronic Professional Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

Shenzhen Screen - Star Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Model Max.
Printing Size
Plate Size
WJ -DR2030D 200 x 300 550 x 650 0.013~0.5
WJ -DR3050D 300 x 500 650 x 850 0.018~0.5
WJ -DR5070D 500 x 700 900 x 1000 0.018~0.2
WJ -DR1000E 1000 x 1200 1400 x 1500 0.018~0.1

Design for the electronic material printing of roll to roll continuous screen printing. Applied to high precision automatic continuous screen printing in all kinds of rolled materials such as film, membrane, non-woven fab eics, self adhesive labels etc..

  1. Japanese servo system, German SEW high precision reduction box, German sensor.
  2. Devices including auto feeding, dust removing printing, and out feed units controlled by servo system.
  3. Precision input & output, printing registration precision +/-0.05mm.
  4. UV, IR or both UV/IR combination drying system.

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