Products - Thin Film line



  1. Conveyorised Cleaning system. With Imported PP Material.
  2. Quick Operation cycle with speed up to 3mtrs/minute. 40 Panels /Hour.
  3. Detergent Brush Cleaning, DI Water Brush Cleaning & DI Water Rinse Cleaning.
  4. Efficient Squeezing & Drying for completely dry Panels. 
  5. Sensor for stand by mode/power saving mode in NO  PANEL Status.
  6. Independent Control Panel with user friendly Operation controls.
  7. Clean Glass 1200 X 2000 mm to 2000 X 2600 mm.
  8. High Speed Cleaning Machine With compact PP Finish & PLC Controlled Electrical Panel With Touch Screen.


  1. Solar Panel Glass Cleaning Operations. For Thin Film - Amorphous Silicon. 
  2. PDP Panel Glass Cleaning operations.
  3. LCD Panel Glass Cleaning operations.

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